About Dr Lowe

  • 20+ years as a medical practitioner
  • 10+ years as a cosmetic physician
  • Medical Director of MUSE Clinic
  • Published academic and podium speaker
  • Global Key Opinion Leader for Merz Aesthetics
  • Key Opinion Leader for Sciton

Dr Stephen Lowe


Dr Stephen Lowe is an experienced and trusted cosmetic physician based in Sydney, committed to delivering the best patient experience and exceptional aesthetic results. He offers discreet cosmetic treatments and services to discerning patients who appreciate his ability to subtly enhance their self-image as they age, whilst also transforming their self-confidence.

Dr Lowe has over 20 years of general medical and aesthetic knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive and safe treatment environment. Drawing on this extensive skill base, he is able to slow the appearance of the ageing process by offering non-surgical solutions that build confidence and an empowering sense of self-worth.

Dr Lowe prioritises a patient-centred approach, ensuring all his patients are cared for in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. This results in strong and trusting relationships, allowing for the exploration of insecurities or perceived flaws in the appearance, in a safe and supportive space. The result can be subtle enhancements or transformational change, but with a continual focus on natural-looking results and patient safety.

There are always times when a quick fix is sought, however the best and most natural-looking results come from long-term planning and an appreciation of all the factors involved in the complex ageing process. The key difference that sets Dr Stephen Lowe apart from other cosmetic practitioners is his commitment to long term rejuvenation, built on an exceptional understanding of the normal biological ageing process and the ability of our body to repair and regenerate. Dr Lowe ensures he always proposes the necessary treatments to generate renewed collagen and elastin to create the best environment for long-term healthy results.

Central to Dr Lowe’s successful long term rejuvenation plan is his attention to every layer of the ageing face and ensuring there is a treatment plan in place for all. It’s this attention to multi-layer ageing that achieves the most natural and long-lasting outcomes. This involves looking beyond the presenting problem and examining all of the contributing factors, whilst simultaneously creating a treatment plan to tackle the underlying issues. By having a detailed plan, Dr Lowe can ensure every treatment adds to the long-term healthy ageing plan and avoids creating fragmented and disharmonious results.

It is Dr Lowe’s belief that people who “age well” have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure problems are anticipated and avoided, and treatments are planned logically and methodically to ensure natural beauty is prioritised and celebrated.

His key treatment focus involves:

  • Bright, healthy, radiant skin through a combination of personalised skin care, dermal treatments and laser combinations
  • A more lifted, sculpted and rejuvenated appearance through the expert use of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and collagen stimulators
  • An emphasis on strengthening the deeper, supporting layers under the surface of the skin to ensure a strong and healthy foundation, delivering a natural and refreshed appearance


Dr Stephen Lowe


After completing his medical studies at the University of Dundee (one of the highest ranked medical schools in the UK,) Dr Lowe established a solid foundation in general practice and internal medicine. He was awarded distinction in his specialist exams for the Royal College of General Practitioners, an accolade reserved for only a handful each year. Dr Lowe moved to Australia in 2008 and immediately observed the impact of the Australian sun on premature skin ageing. This kindled an interest in the therapeutic and cosmetic options to treat and repair the signs of skin ageing. He was subsequently awarded a Master of Public Health degree from University of Sydney and a Master of Science degree with Distinction in Aesthetic Medicine from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London in Aesthetic Medicine. He has also achieved Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Lowe has a particular interest in regenerative skin treatments: in particular biostimulating dermal fillers, collagen-inducing skin and laser treatments and micro-focused ultrasound skin tightening. He is an active Key Opinion Leader and sought-after thought leader for Merz Aesthetics and Sciton, having published research in academic journals and having been asked to present on stage at international medical conferences.

Dr Lowe has maintained a keen interest in medical education, teaching the next generation of doctors with his prior work as a clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney Medical School. He continues to teach and educate fellow doctors and nurses in advanced injection techniques and aesthetic medicine theory. He is also committed to improving public knowledge about the risks and benefits of cosmetic treatments to ensure patients make informed and educated decisions concerning their treatments.



Medical Degree (MBChB) University of Dundee, UK (MBChB)


Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UK (DRCOG)


Member of Royal College of General Practitioners RCGP, UK (MRCGP with Distinction)


Fellow of Royal Australian College of General PractitionersRACGP, Australia (FRACGP)


Certificate course in Aesthetic medicine ACCS


Master of Public Health University of Sydney, Australia (MPH)



Fellow of Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine ACAM, Australia (FACAM)


Master of Science (Aesthetic medicine) Queen Mary University of London, UK (MSc with Distinction)

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Merz Aesthetics

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